Journey Through Bethlehem 2015

Journey Through Bethlehem is multi-denominational ministry of different churches in Huntsville, Texas, combining their resources to share this gift with the community. We want to bring the “Good News” at this time of year in a very memorable way by recreating that special night in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

The 2015 Journey Through Bethlehem will be Fri 12/4 and Sat 12/5 from 6pm to 9pm


Faith Lutheran Women is sponsoring a “Pounding Party” for Vicar James, Krista and boys as they relocate from Sugarland.

There will be a collection spot in the narthex of the church for members to drop off canned goods, cleaning supplies, staples such as flour, sugar, pasta, non-perishable items, etc.  or  gift cards to Krogers, HEB or Brookshire Brothers or maybe even Home Depot, as many times when you relocate there are repairs etc.,

 Vicar James’ Ordination and Installation as Associate Pastor at Faith will be on Sunday, June 28th, at 4:00 p.m.

 Please help us welcome Vicar James, Krista, Aaron and Noah to Faith Lutheran  Church!


The Board of Christian Education will be offering “Children’s Learning Church” beginning this Sunday, June 7th.  Children 3 years to 10 years that are having trouble sitting and focusing on the church service will be able to leave during the sermon hymn. Parents will bring their children to Billie Lyons in the Aquarium, which will be set up like the sanctuary, and the worship service will be playing on the monitor. 

They will be able to get the wiggles out and when they are ready they will sit through the rest of the sermon.  Parents will  pick up their children in time for Communion. We are asking for parents to volunteer to help Ms. Billie. We will need one parent to stay this Sunday and there will be a sign-up sheet in the narthex for future Sundays.    

 The Nursery will be available for children 2 years and younger as a “cry room” for parents to stay with their children until they are ready to return to church.

 The Board of Christian Education is also looking for two volunteers a Sunday to help with “Summer Sunday School” for children.  Vicar James will lead the Bible story time and volunteers will help with crafts.

 If you have any questions please contact Carol Brady, any Board of Christian Education member or the church office.


Don't forget if you are interested in ANY of the following ministries please contact 

the church office or one of our ministry staff:

  • Our New Audio Visual Ministry
  • Praise Team...singers and musicians are needed
  • The Oktoberfest and Fall Festival Ministry
  • Sunday School Ministry
  • Ushering during worship
  • Reading the Lessons for worship

Or...any ongoing board, team and ministry!  We cannot do this without you!  You are making a difference! 


 Online Giving is Now Available 

We have added a convenient service for online giving.  This will allow greater flexibility for those who wish to support the ministry of Faith Lutheran Church and School.


Check out our Little Lutheran Library 
If you see a book and want to read it, take it! If you don't return it, that's ok. No one will mind. And if you have a book (or several) that you are finished with, bring it in!
If you bring in books to share, please make sure that they are gently used and not overly dated (such as political nonfiction from the 1980s). If it is something that someone would enjoy reading today, bring it!
God's blessings to you in your reading! 

Wednesday School Chapel

On Wednesdays, we will journey into a new venture with our Elementary School Chapel. Chapel for K-4 will be a 30 min worship service using screens, music, and also now using the Lord's Prayer and the Apostles' Creed. It is my hope that week after week, our kids will learn these valuable tools of worship that will build up their own walks in Jesus. I invite you, our members, to join us in chapel at 9:45 am on Wednesdays to start your day in worship. ALSO....this will be a great way to support our school and surround our kids with the love of Jesus. As they hear us, their brothers and sisters in Jesus in worship with them, they will be built up in God's love as will we! So please, when you have time, plan to join us. You will be blessed! Thanks so much I pray you can make it! 






What is Lent? or Ash Wednesday?  Here is a handy 2-minute introduction:


Online Giving is Now Available

We have added a convenient service for online giving.  This will allow greater flexibility for those who wish to support the ministry of Faith Lutheran Church and School.  Notice the new link on the home page:

The Online Giving Link



Stamp Collection -  Please do not forget the "Stamp Collection" project of Faith Lutheran Women.  All postage stamps are appreciated, but the commemorative, foreign or otherwise unusual stamps are more valuable.  Simply cut the stamp off the envelope, leaving a 1" border around the stamp.  Place them in the box provided on the LWML table in the fellowship hall.  Thank you for your continued support.  We pray for your help with this mission projects. 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Campouts

To make it easier for planning purposes, the following schedule for campouts has been set:

Fall Campout = 3rd Saturday in October; Spring Campout = 4th Saturday of April; Winter Campout = 3rd Saturday of February; Summer Campout = 4th Saturday of July.


Instructions for Lutheran World Relief Health Kits:

1 hand towel, dark color recommended
1 wash cloth, dark color recommended
1 bath size bar (4-5oz) of soap, any brand, in its original wrapping
1 adult size toothbrush in its original packaging
1 comb, wide tooth preferred, remove packaging
1 metal nail file or nail clippers with file attached, remove packaging (do not substitute
cardboard emery boards for the file)
6 Band-Aids (or similar brand), preferably ½" to 3'4", secure together with a rubber band
Do not add other items or leave out any of the items listed. All items should be new
and in good condition. Wrap smaller items in the wash cloth; wrap wash cloth and
remaining items in the towel and tie securely with ribbons or yard. Do not enclose the
kit or any of its contents in plastic bags.


Faith Lutheran's Pictoral Directory now available online

Take a peek at the church's online directory.  On the church's homepage, look under the "Church" tab.  Click on the "Church Directory and Events Gallery" tab.  Call the church office at 936-295-5298 for the password.  If you know of someone who does not have acces to the Internet, or you want a hard copy of the directory, please contact the office.



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